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the dawson valuation group inc graduates from goldman sachs 10k small business program

The Dawson Valuation Group, Inc. Graduates from Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program, Taking Flight to NYC

We are thrilled to announce that The Dawson Valuation Group, Inc. has successfully graduated from the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program! As a testament to our dedication and expertise, we were invited to spend a week at the iconic Goldman Sachs Headquarters in New York City.

This incredible opportunity allowed us to further enhance our skills, knowledge, and network within the business community. We are grateful for this recognition and look forward to leveraging our experience to better serve our valued clients in Atlanta, Cincinnati, and beyond. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations from The Dawson Valuation Group, Inc.

cincinnati residents face unjust wealth gap

Cincinnati Residents Face Unjust Wealth Gap as Racial Discrimination Revealed in Appraisal Process

In Cincinnati, a recent real estate appraisal process revealed shocking levels of racial discrimination. Data shows that neighborhoods full of Black and Latinx residents were systematically undervalued by appraisers, creating an unfair wealth gap within the city. For more information about this disturbing story and its aftermath, read more here.

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terry horton alleges appraisal discrimination

Terry Horton Alleges Appraisal Discrimination Led to Undervaluation of North Avondale Property

According To The Property Owner, His Race Played A Role In The Undervaluation Of His Property By $100,000. The Initial Appraisal Was Conducted By Thaddaus Dawson Jr. From the Dawson Valuation Group, Inc.

Terry Horton is a proud North Avondale property owner who strives to provide affordable housing for low-income families with Section 8 vouchers. His tenants often express their satisfaction with the quality of their living conditions, making his efforts all the more worthwhile.

Recently, an opportunity arose for Horton to expand his efforts by purchasing another property. He planned to refinance his current North Avondale building and use the funds to invest in the additional property. Unfortunately, an appraiser undervalued his North Avondale building and refused to correct factual errors that contributed to the lower value. This setback forced Horton's plan off course, as interest rates had increased since then.

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